Is becoming a midwife, one of the dreams you want to fulfil? Do you have it with you to provide the TLC needed in delivery of newborns in this world? Then by all means, contact us today. You may be the next successful midwife who’ll make a difference in this world. Send us an email with the email address provided below.

We are happy for your interest in Ixchel-Atitlan: Escuela Intercultural de Comadronas. Based in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala, our 3-year, full-time program offers comprehensive training for aspiring Certified Professional Midwives, including experience in a variety of birth settings such as homes, clinics, and hospitals. Ixchel-Atitlan is an immersion school. Our goal is to support a meaningful exchange between Guatemalan and international students and teachers from a variety of backgrounds who share a common passion for midwifery. To request an application for the program beginning in January, just send as an email at You could also visit our social media sites to know more.

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Midwife International does more than just train midwives. Our Midwife Training Program, Advanced Internships, Midwifery Intensives and Midwifery School provide a challenging environment intended to influence the way student midwives see themselves and their role in the communities they serve. Through a combination of clinical rotations, book study and community projects, students will develop the skills necessary to become the future leaders of positive change in maternity care.

What more is that you’ll also be a part of those individuals who help recreate a safer environment for pregnant women as they deliver their babies to the world. Who’d not one to be a part of miracle that was life? To know that it is by your hands that the world is experiencing a lower mortality rate when it comes to giving birth. You’ll also receive all the support you could get and we’d definitely love to have you.

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